With parenthood comes great responsibility, and also endless waiting around. Preposterous amounts of waiting around, in fact. Queueing outside those awful little public toilets where you get to change your baby and hold your breath at the same time – that’s waiting around; navigating the weird netherworld between their tired, anguished yells and their upcoming slumber – essentially, waiting around; standing there gormlessly while bottles reach the right temperature for your precious baby – that’s also basically waiting around. Yes, the experience as a whole enriches your soul in ways you never dreamed possible, but even so, much of parenthood has all the allure of a bus stop.

Thankfully, this hasn’t escaped the attention of numerous fine inventors the world over, who have been scratching their gigantic craniums for years, pondering ways to make our lives easier, and free from too much hanging around, doing nothing. Hence, quick-fix nappy bins, multi-functional mobiles, and, especially hence (for review purposes), the yoomi self-warming bottle. A bottle that takes the pain out of heating up your child’s milk in the middle of the night by essentially doing it for you in advance.

How it works is that you pop a “warmer” into the microwave for a couple of minutes (or boil it in a pan for half an hour), you then leave it to cool for at least 75 minutes, and THEN, once your child is ready to be fed, you simply place the “warmer” into a bottle of cold milk, press a little button which changes from RED to BLUE (after about a minute), and you’re off! The milk slaloms through a zig-zaggy pattern, and, thanks to the miracle of science, by the time it reaches the business end of the teat, it’s at just the right temperature. So, whether your bottle is, as suggested, “self-warming”, may come into a modicum of contention here, but that’s not to say this isn’t a product without great use, a fine innovation, greasing the wheels of a more mundane area of parenthood.

It’s perfect for those night-time feeds, for example, when you just want the world to run smoothly and efficiently, rather than finding yourself lurching around the kitchen feeling so sleep deprived that basic physics feels more like the Japanese Krypton Factor (so long as you can remember how to press a button, you’ll be fine). It’s equally useful if you’re out and about for the day. You won’t be desperately searching for somewhere to heat up your milk, caught short and tearing your hair out while the apple of your eye wails to the heavens.

So, as an example of someone – in this case, parents Farah and Jim Shaikh – spotting a problem, and finding a solution, this is damn near perfect. It streamlines a frustrating area of parenthood, making part of your life just that little bit simpler. And all for under twenty quid. Hence, a big thumbs up from us. Six stars (whatever that means).