All too often when you get a list of suggested activities with the kids, it’s all things that are taking place on the other side of the country – that’s no use to anyone. So, here at D.A.D, we decided we’d assemble simple treats from all over England. With a bit of luck, this should cater for absolutely everyone, and not just pipe smoking Londoners…


Such a sprawling metropolis, it’s near impossible to find something to suit everyone in London. You could learn all about the importance of bees at the Horniman in South London, or watch an uber-trendy screening of Coco in hipster paradise, Dalston. Or you could go on the London Eye for the nine-thousandth time.

More info here londoneye


If you live near Cov, take some time and head off to Drayton Manor Park (and Zoo?). The word on the street is there are cheaper half term tickets available – although it’s on a first come/first served basis, so you may have missed the boat there – but here’s a stone-cold fact, kids love theme parks. This is a theme park.

More info here draytonmanor


It’s the only place in the world where lawyers sound like farmers, and that’s all just part of Bristol’s charm. For half term, cajole your younglings down to the harbour-side to enjoy one of Pirate Pete’s Walks – an educational stroll through the 17th and 18th Century, featuring numerous tales of swashbucklers and ne’er-do-wells.

More info here piratewalks


The country’s second most impressive university town, you’ll find lots to do in Cambridge. You could go to the shops, or wander around the spectacular collages feeling inspired. Or, better still, get the whole family together, pack a picnic, and head out on one of their many punts – but, for Christ’s sake, make sure you’re captaining the vessel from the right end, you don’t want to be mistaken for one of those Oxford oiks.

More info here cambridgepuntcompany


Birmingham is famous for many things: The Streets, chocolate, having a name-twin in Alabama. Like most cities, you’ll also find lots of children with energy to burn, and what better way that via the exhausting medium of climbing? Kids over four are all welcome at the Redpoint Climbing Centre, where they can scuttle up walls like little spidermen.

More info here redpointbirmingham


Two words: Eden Project.

More info here edenproject


There’s a beach in Brighton. A big pebbly beach, that leads all the way down to a vast, swollen, grey, angry ocean. In the summer, people splash around in it, or eat ice cream looking at it, or build disappointing sandcastles on it using pebbles. But if you need a break from the sea, take the older ones to Laser Zone and pretend you’re in Star Wars.

More info here laserzone


Not so long ago, the whole of the BBC packed up their troubles and their suitcases and moved up to Manchester, presumably for the cheaper rents. Thus began a ripple effect that now finds you taking the kids to the CBBC Tour at MediaCityUK for half term. It’s an interactive tour, and they get to pretend to be TV presenters. For over-6s.

More info here bbc


Forget what you’ve seen on the Geordie Shore, Newcastle isn’t all premature plastic surgery and overdosing on tattoos, it has a rich history that stretches back thousands of years. Visit the Discovery Museum, and you’ll be swept back to Roman Times, before getting lost in an impressive “Science Maze”. Perfect for little minds. And speaking of Geordie Shore… (boom boom!)

More info here discoverymuseum