It’s morning, you have children to dress, showers to have, an addled mind to untangle before you finally get to the day’s work. You also need a coffee. Thankfully for everyone, we were on hand to road test a few coffee machines, to see which would be the best for parents who are children-rich, but time-poor. These are the ones that performed the best….

CRUX 10-Cup Thermal Programmable Filter Cup Machine

With the tides of fashion forever favouring machines that require “pods”, it’s easy to forget the simplistic joy of a big old jug of filter coffee. The CRUX is unequivocally excellent. You can program it the night before to have your coffee ready for you in the morning, and it’s even polite enough to stay hot for four whole hours. We’re not here to tell you what to do, but seriously, you should buy one of these. Go on, do it. Get your money, and buy one.


Nespresso Lattissima 

Those Nespresso boffins never seem to stop working (which may have something to do with their relentless caffeine intake) and here they’ve created another humdinger, which is perfect for a parent in a hurry. No dicking around with too many processes, the Lattissima froths your milk while making your coffee, then puts it all together for you. All you have to do is watch in silent awe.


AeroPress Coffee Maker

Two words that become increasingly important when you’re a parent are “cheap” and “easy”. This thing is both. It’s essentially a cross between a syringe and a cafetiere, which requires ground coffee, hot water, and you pushing a plunger for about ten seconds. It literally couldn’t be easier.


Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine

You can use ground coffee, or a coffee pod, and you’ll have an espresso in just 16 seconds. Using rudimentary maths, that means you could have four espressos in just over a minute. That should easily be enough to see you through the morning (until you crash hard around lunchtime). Point is, these are great.

Gaggia Classic

Francis Francis for Illy X7.1

The real looker of the pack, these have been specifically designed to look like they were made in a far more stylish era. A more innocent time when beauty would trump functionality any day of the week. But there’s a twist in this caffeinated tale, because these also work like a dream – we’re talking hot coffee, in a cup, in less than a minute. Frothy milk is also a tangible option.

Francis Francis