When my kids were babies, we used to have a huge eucalyptus tree at the bottom of the garden. There was a low branch at around eight foot that stuck out at a perfect right angle which was calling out for a swing. I searched for hours online, but was only able to find an ugly green plastic thing from Amazon – the ones that hurt your bum and pinch your legs. But I loved the idea of hanging a swing at the end of the garden, so I took my designers hat off and got my credit card out.

As soon as they were old enough to sit unaided, I hung it from the tree. It wasn’t exactly the picture-perfect scene I had imagined, but the kids genuinely couldn’t have been happier sat slowly swaying in the shade of the branches as I watched on proudly hoping that I’d nailed it in right.

I recently found this stunning new swing from Spanish company La Clinica Design. Albeit a few years too late, but this is exactly the type of swing I was hoping to find. It has been designed and produced in Spain, and comes with a simple height-adjustment system that makes it easy to be installed everywhere, including hanging from a tree or even a room indoors.

It’s made from laminated wood with a transparent varnish and consists of three wooden parts: the seat, the back and a security bar; and includes a huge range of brightly coloured fabric accessories – a great antidote to the snotty green one we had to have.  And what’s more, La Clinica Design clearly understand their market as they made pillows that can be easily removed for cleaning.  Now, it’s just trying to convince the kids swinging’s cool again!