Whatever your views of breastfeeding, whether it’s “best” or whether it’s a torturous, avoidable rigmarole, it’s cheap. In a financial sense, it essentially costs nothing. Formula doesn’t exactly break the bank either. In fact, it’s only really when babies start demanding more taste and more texture that you begin to feel your pockets emptying.

Because look at the options – you could spend hours stewing apples, or roasting up and smooshing sweet potatoes, or making elaborate berry compotes, just for them to smear it all over their eyebrows and chuck it on the floor. OR, you could do the sensible thing, and invest in some organic, squeezy pre-made stuff, which they can eventually administer to themselves, while you take a thirty second window to consider other areas of your life that have been languishing in the backwaters. In a fog-cloud of a thousand missed sleeps, option 2 is only ever the way to go.

So, and we don’t say this lightly, thank GOD for Sainsburys.

Firstly, just for being there, with food that we can put in our stomachs, and reasonably priced alcohol we can occasionally sip when the planets align. But, also, because they’ve now released a high end, but reasonably priced range of baby food, under their Little Ones umbrella. It’s organic, it comes in that easy-to-squeeze packaging that kids adore, and don’t tell anyone, but it’s basically Ella’s Kitchen, only fractionally less grabby on your wallet.

Just this week, for example, we Pepsi Challenged a 6-month-old to try out the Pears Pears Pears variety of Ella’s Kitchen, and the Pear and Apple Little Ones, and we can report that the glorious little bundle was blissfully happy with both of them. They fed her desire to try new, exciting flavours, they nourished our modern demands that everything be organic and free from disturbing E-numbers. But best of all, Little Ones left us with enough change left over to pop in our back pockets, before patting our bums in celebration.

Only we didn’t do that last bit. Wrong supermarket.

See the full range of Little Ones here