Truth is, it’s now almost impossible to know how the seasons will go – we’ve had warm Januaries, freezing Aprils, no one can accurately predict what’s going to be on the cards during the summer months. But whether it’s rain, shine, or molten rocks of lava, one thing is guaranteed – parents will continue to obsess over the temperature of their kids’ bedrooms.

Too hot? Too cold? What should the dress code be?

Enter, the Groegg 2, not to solve the whole problem necessarily, but, as a digital thermometer, it’s able to answer at least two of those questions.

“Is it too hot?” – if the Groegg 2 is red, then yes, you’ll need to cool the room down. “Is it too cold?” – if the egg is blue, also yes.

If the temperature falls within the recommended guidelines of 16-20°C, the silicone egg will purr in a soft amber, doubling-up as a fetching night light – a stylish accessory for your little one’s bedroom.

In short: a simple idea, functional and well executed. It looks great.

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