It’s a funny time for masculinity, with the world gradually coming to terms with a whole new outlook. Old fashioned notions about stoicism and single-mindedness have been replaced, we now accept fallibility, discuss mental health, and are happy to take a deeper dive into our emotional make up. It’s a good thing. Men, like women, are complex. And Steve Biddulph’s popular bible has been updated to reflect the spinning of the planets.

He looks at boys as having been failed in the past, shackled to draconian values, which have led to a generation of unhappy men. He recognises the value of a boy learning from his father, while also asserting the strength of their mum on their development too.

The book studies the effects of online porn on their sexual development, with suggestions on how to steer them into having a healthy relationship with sex. It looks at violence, bullying, attitudes towards gender, and essentially how you can understand your sons, how you can understand yourself, and how your role effects their lives. The aim throughout is to create someone happy, and someone balanced.

It’s near impossible to untangle the wealth of advice and study on offer in the book, beyond saying, if you have a boy, buy it, and read it. It’s an easy read, and a fascinating one, and it will serve you well in so many ways. It may even help you to understand some of your own behaviour.

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