If you’re unfamiliar with the German publishing house gestalten, get familiar with it – it’s excellent. They make the best-looking books on the market, all deftly put together by magnificent designers. We, it’s fair to say, couldn’t be more into them if we tried.

The current release catching our eye is Little Big Rooms, which sharpens the microscope on nurseries and playrooms, and how to get the most out of them for your home and your children. Whether it be making the most of the space that you have, or creating a room to reflect your child’s tastes, or whether you might be seeking out a fun way to keep their minds fizzing with excitement, the book – a weighty, coffee-table sized, 250-pager – squeezes in inspiring idea after inspiring idea.

You’ll be putting up blackboard wallpaper and a slide from the top bunk to the floor before you know it. Highly recommended.

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