My girls bedroom is currently in a state of  flux, as we transition my youngest from cot to bottom bunk. While also having to placate my eldest and her fantastical ideas of making a princess bedroom. Any interior or  furniture decisions will be critical to address this pincer movement of needs verses requirements, striking the right balance of fun and functional. The wrong choice could see any pieces falling victim to ‘smothering by Elsa stickers’! A fate their current IKEA furniture can testify to. Or worse, be chipped away by the relentless rhythmical ramming of a scuttle bug from the zero tolerance toddler…

Interior design for children is a growing market. The task of making the spaces they live, play and sleep in, be fun, safe and somewhere they want to be, is a serious business.

Designer Jorge Alvarez and his brand Möebelebt have recently waded into this market with a range of children’s furniture that puts emphasis on the concept that a child’s bedroom is not just a place to sleep and study, but a place for imagination and adventures.

The colourful characterisation of the individual pieces provide children with companions in these adventures, whether its fighting monsters or simply going to bed.

Launching the first of four ranges into production, the ‘Cubanimals’ are a funny family of night stands, designed to have the same body that can be customised in numerous ways by adding drawers, doors and knobs.

For now, the IKEA furniture in the princess-less room, with an unleashed toddler will just have to hold together for a little while longer. Hopefully by then the additional Möbelebt lines due to include beds, desks and wardrobes should be in production.

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