Moving home is one of the most stressful things adults can do, but the impact on kids can be immense. This was the inspiration for visual artist Mitch Boyer’s debut book, Vivian the Dog Moves to Brooklyn, which looks at the uncertainties and stresses kids face when moving to a new home.

The book features photos of Vivian (who, by the way is a six-foot dachshund) adjusting to her new life in Brooklyn with her her best friend, ‘the human’ and depicts her surprise adventures in and around New York City as she tackles feeling lonely and missing home.

The book started out as a series of sketches which were turned into storyboards to help map out what was required for the photo shoot, alongside actors, props, camera and lighting equipment, and each photo has been cleverly manipulated using similar techniques and visual effects seen in top notch feature films.

The book is due to be published later this month having reached it’s target on Kickstarter. And you can pre-order your very own copy here.