Earlier in the summer I spoke to founder and CEO of BleepBleeps Tom Evans. He told me then about the imminent release of their latest connected device for smart families, and true to his word, here it is.

Launched last week on Kickstarter (Tuesday 19th September) and already 124% funded at time of writing, Benjamin is set to join Sammy Screamer and Suzy Snooze as another really useful and must have gadget for parents.

If, like me, you’ve ever struggled to get your kids to brush their teeth, let alone brush for two minutes, then Benjamin could be a godsend. He’s the first electric toothbrush with an integrated music store; yep that’s right, this little guy can play your favourite tunes to keep the kids brushing and dancing for the full two minutes.

The clever guys at BleepBleeps have also made Benjamin more advanced than a conventional toothbrush using Sonic Vibe Technology for better oral hygiene. There’s also a choice of heads so that he can be used by toddlers, kids and adults. And to make sure that there’s no damage to delicate teeth enamel and gums, the bristles on this little dude are made of silicon rather than nylon.

Benjamin also comes with a handy app that tracks and gives points to each user depending on how long and often they brush their teeth for. This can turn it into a fun game encouraging kids to get into good teeth cleaning habits. My kids are seriously competitive so with the competition and the music, they’re certain to get better at brushing – my problem now might be getting them to stop.

Read more about backing Benjamin Brush on Kickstarter here.