It really is an exciting time in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) learning toys world. The last 12 months has seen coding increase its prominence not just within our school curriculums, but in the very fabric of our kids’ lives.

Such rapid growth does however throw out some products that perhaps miss the mark and geared to cash in on trend rather than foster and nurture interest. We strongly believed in reducing the amount of screen time for our kids, creating a balance by learning through physical play and if at all possible promote and back those ideas and products.

Enter Cubroid; an interactive wireless modular robotics set that allows kids to experience the basics of coding. Cubroid aims to expose young minds to coding and technology through fun and dynamic blocks and simple coding programs.

Unlike other educational coding products, Cubroid is impressively easy-to-use and fun. There are seven distinct types of building blocks that exhibit unique features with each box housing a wireless module and battery, and the connecting features of the blocks function through wireless communication. The blocks encourage creativity, as they can be assembled in various fashions and are compatible to Lego’s.

Cubroid is paired with a control coding smartphone application that enhances the educational aspect of the product. Kids can use the mobile application to engage with and prompt movement in their unique block structures. Additionally, a more advanced online database program, Scratch, is available to be explored by those who want to take their coding skills to the next level. The paired programs and applications can be connected via Bluetooth or through a USB cable and do not involve complicated installation procedures.

At the time of writing we are pleased to say that Cuboid is fully funded with just under a week to go. For more information about the innovation behind Cubroid check out their website.

Left to right: Master Block, Servo Motor Block, Variable Resistor Block, Light Sensor Block, LED Block, Touch Sensor Block & Sound Block