HeyWow! I’m excited.

This looks and sounds like a fantastic new business. I’ve known about the work of Daniel Freytag for a while, it was his studio, Freytag Anderson that did the design and branding for our favourite kids fashion label, The Fableists, who we posted about back in June (read post here). They were also awarded Scottish design agency of the year in 2014.

Daniel is clearly an entreprenurial type. By his own admission when he’s not running the design studio is involved in ‘mad, creative adventures’. HeyWow! is the latest of these adventures and sees Daniel team up with his wife Lorna, a multi-talented creative herself, to publish beautiful, personalised kids picture books that feature the name and picture of your own kid on every page. Knowing how much my own two love looking at photos of themselves I know this would be a firm favourite.

HeyWow! are currently looking for backing through Kickstarter to get this project off the ground and their first book ‘In the City’, produced. Have a look at their website and their Kickstarter page to get all of the info and get backing!




We wish them the best of luck and I’ll hopefully be seeing a shiny copy of the book for my daughter Emmi in the near future.

Freytag Anderson
The Fableists