The bedtime story in our house is normally my domain and I generally rely on the tried and tested Donaldson’s, Jeffer’s and Beaty’s to corral my two young girls into sleepy time. However, mummy is standing in and shaking things up a bit with Chris Haughton’s new book Goodnight Everyone.

Goodnight everyone is a change of pace for Chris Haughton’s series of books and definitely a signal that you are required to shut your eyes quick sharp! I had ‘practice’ read the book to myself and wasn’t convinced that the magic would work – fast forward to bed time, the lights are low and the timbre has changed, I can’t help but yawn as I read the story, and not because it is boring, but that the tone of it is soo appropriate for that time of day (and we all know you can catch a yawn!). I had initially approached reading it as I had the others… Oh no, George! the tale of a well meaning pup who gets in trouble, but with this new addition it’s time to take a new approach!

The solar system has played a big part in our world since last years space adventure from Tim Peake, we’ve downloaded app’s to star gaze on holiday and this is the perfect addition to our families starry rituals! The illustration on the inside front cover is of the southern night sky, then there is the the beautiful story of the little bears quest to not be sleepy…. Then flick to the inside back cover and there they are, Ursa Minor & Ursa Major in all their starlit glory in the northern night sky. Okay so it’s lost on the ‘almost two year old’ but boy does the solar system hold stories for many years ahead, and this is, in my opinion, firmly planted in ours.

The illustrations are to the same exceptional standard as we’re used to, and the story, although less content heavy, is precisely what you want from a bedtime read. Don’t be disappointed at the change of direction, be pleased that this will be a firm fave for years to come as part of your night time ritual, and spark stories of solar systems and starry adventures, take a great big enormous stretch, ahhhh……..Yawn! Then you’ll soon find yourself in the land of…. zzz’s and the sss’s….

Goodnight everyone x

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