Star Wars, it’s everywhere. What are there, eleven films now? Something like that. The franchise even has its own day, which, if you check the calendar, is precisely today (presuming you’re reading this on May 4th). Hence, we thought we should celebrate George Lucas’s brainchild by turning our gaze to some of the wonderful merchandise that’s been spawned by the intergalactic juggernaut.

Where once there were figurines – which you could pick up for about a pound in Tescos in 1983, some of which now sell for thousands, and all of which your mum probably gave away to undeserving family friends (good one Mum!) – now there’s everything and anything. Toys, mugs, board games, flowerpots. You name it.

Please enjoy this selection of eye-catchers, perfect for a family of Nerf Herders…

Star Wars Lego Family

The ideal adornment for any wall, you can name popular characters from the franchise after members of your own family. Presumably everyone will want to be Han.

Star Wars Video Tape Lamp

One day, many years from now, in a galaxy not very far away at all, you will be tasked with explaining video recorders to your baffled children. Owning this will give you a head-start.

Star Wars Slip-On Sneakers

Nothing says “I quite enjoy Star Wars films” like a pair of wipe-clean trainers with stormtroopers on them. A snip at under a tenner.

Han Solo in Carbonite Ice Tray

Rather than having boring cube-shaped ice, you can now be reminded of that old rogue Solo getting his comeuppance at the end of the Empire Strikes Back.

Crochet Admiral Ackbar

It’s hard to shake the feeling that Admiral Ackbar was crowbarred into the Star Wars franchise as the token prawn. But now look at him, he’s your child’s fave cuddly toy!

Inflatable Space Sabres

Presumably, for legal reasons, these have to be dubbed Space Sabres, but make no mistake about it, those aren’t space sabres, they’re light sabres. Just don’t tell our lawyers we said that.

Light Side Dark Side Stickers

Not just a knowing nod to the movies that shaped your childhood, but also a great way of remembering how light switches work. So a win win in that sense.

Baby on Board Vader

The sticker that tells the world two things. One, that there’s a baby in your car. And two, that you don’t take the murderous threats of Darth Vader too seriously.

AT-AT Book Ends

We’re just going to come out and say it – this is the best thing on this list. At over £50 it’s also the most expensive. But what is money? Oh that’s right, it’s EVERYTHING.

Wookie Biscuit Tin

Don’t be fooled by the butter-wouldn’t-melt persona, and the cute little goatee beard, when George Lucas came up with Wookies he knew they rhymed with Cookies. Clever. Very clever.