Baby stuff – once you disappear down that wormhole it’s impossible to know up from down, left from right, pointless tat from the genuinely useful. You’re lost, inundated with things you never knew you needed, you’re warming milk up to specific temperatures, changing a conveyor belt of nappies, nursery rhymes are playing on loop and morphing into sinister soundtracks in your ears. Point being, it’s a discombobulating time, but there’s a silver lining to all this, because we’ve been there, got the t-shirt, eaten the pie, have mostly made it through intact, and we definitely know good from bad, and excellent from mediocre.

Suzy Snooze from BleepBleeps is excellent. In a world where baby monitors are rich and aplenty, this one stands out for many reasons. Let’s start with how it functions – or its “functionality” if you want to get all Dragon’s Den about it. It’s more than just a baby monitor, it’s also a nightlight, fuelled by low energy LED that’s scientifically proven to add little sandbags to each one of your eyelashes. It plays gentle music to soothe your baby, and quite possibly you, to sleep at night. You then connect to an app and the second part of the traditional monitor becomes your smartphone.

Then there’s the design. In the world of endless clutter that parenthood becomes, this doesn’t assault the eyes like so many other products, it looks sleek, and neat, and emits a warm orange glow that wouldn’t look out of place on Don Draper’s bedside table. It’s stylish, and while the practicalities of your investments are always top priority, the design of them becomes an extremely close second – and this delivers in spades. Right now BleepBleeps are a brand to watch, with some more beautiful designs set for release over the coming months. You can find out more about those here BleepBleeps.

So, in summary, we tried Suzy Snooze out, and are continuing to try it out. And will probably keep trying it out for many months and years to come. Highly recommended. Let’s give it nine stars.