If you’ve not had enough of creative problem-solving at work, or want to get the kids started on a design apprenticeship early, then give the Red Paper Plane missions a whirl.

Created in Bulgaria by husband and wife team Georgi and Tsvetelina Kamov the Red Paper Plane missions are all about getting the whole family involved in design challenges, and utilising design thinking. From launching rockets into space to creating a full days food menu and then making it. Each mission has a number of tasks intended to be played in small 20 minute stints over multiple days and uses a three step-process.

According to RPP these missions help to develop valuable skills such as; observation, patience, concentration, empathy, sense of control, dexterity, decision making, visualising ideas and presentation. Hmm, I know a lot of designers, let alone kids, that could benefit from developing some of those traits!

Playing with my kids over the last few years I’ve realised that these activity or challenge based games are the ones that not only keep their attention for more than five minutes, but that also get me more interested in playing with them. My wife has always been great at instigating games like this and hasn’t needed instructions on how to compose them, it’s been more intuitive. Having said that, the Red Paper Plane missions take the activities to a whole different level, making each project much more in depth, this in turn makes the process as opposed to the result the focal point of the game, something that’s great for children and adults alike to learn.







You can find out more about Red Paper Plane and download all of the missions on their website rpplane.com