The shared parental leave scheme was introduced in the UK in 2015 to give families more choice and flexibility in caring for their children. It allows parents to split 52 weeks of leave, 39 of those being paid in some way, and on top of the two weeks currently allowed as statutory paternity leave for new dads.

The figures over SPL’s first two years don’t look that encouraging. But other countries have experienced the same slow uptake when introducing similar schemes which have gone onto create significant social change.

Below we look at the difference between the paternity and shared parental schemes of the UK and Sweden. Recognised as one of the World’s leading countries when it comes to parental support and gener equality, Sweden introduced their parental scheme in 1974 and have gone onto increase the allowance for fathers over the years. It is now frowned upon for dads to not take their full paternity allowance.

Let’s hope it doesn’t take us 40 years to get to the same point.