There’s a point when you first become a father when you convince yourself that you have to set a good example for your child by putting away childish things, that your life would be better served as a grey-faced stroll in a straight line. No frills, no showboating. No room for silly things like “being funny”.

Thankfully, there is also a point slightly later during your journey when you realise that humour is actually all you have left. You’re in the trenches, you’re a dog of war (whatever that means), and without the release of laughter all you would have is a backlog of tears.

So thank Christ for these funny comedians, who aren’t afraid to mix the miracle of childbirth with the equally impressive miracle of laughter. Enjoy ten of the funniest dads on the planet (unfortunately not including one of the best ever, Louis CK, for disappointing reasons)…

Romesh Ranganathan talks about the beautiful juxtaposition between thinking you’ve cracked it, then realising you haven’t.

Bill Burr, recent father to a baby daughter, has got those tricky conversations pretty much nailed.

Remember the time Will Ferrell took his kids to the Emmys? Now you do!

One half of the legendary 1990s double act (with Herring), Stewart Lee talks local schools, and how people can be real dicks about them.

Excellent advice from Chris Rock, from his recent special on Netflix.

Jim Gaffigan on having FOUR kids – “bedtime is a crisis”. Believe it or not, now he’s got five.

The verbose comedian/activist Russell Brand talks movingly about the miracle of childbirth.

The great Dave Chappelle speaks about the wonder of new life, and also necklaces made from pasta.

Norm Macdonald, a legend across the Pond (and quite probably the funniest man in the world) talks about his son Dylan.

And one for all the Seinfeld fans out there.