Ok, we know what you’re thinking… Schools only just broken up for the summer holidays and September feels an age away. That maybe the case, but those Back to School campaigns are about to launch and begin the countdown to the new academic year.

Fear not, we have pre-empted this and listed the top 5 things your child needs for the 2017/2018 school year:

1. The Bag
The Kånken backpack is a common sight in the city, worn by the young trendy ‘urbanites’ and soon to be as common a site in the playground. Originally designed in 1978 to help prevent back problems among Swedish school children, the backpack has since returned to its roots and created the Kånken Kids. The shoulder straps are specifically tailored to the back of a small child as well as a chest strap which keeps the shoulder straps in position on small shoulders. Made from a hard-wearing, lightweight Vinylon fabric that is able to withstand dirt, wetness and whatever the school run can throw at it.

2. The Lunch Box
The challenge has always been how to get a balanced meal into our children when we’re not there to nag them. We’ve learnt from our antipodien friend the Lunch Lady, that making the food different and exciting is the key. So if your lunch making game is at expert level, you need a lunchbox that can easily contain all that goodness then Yumbox is what you need:

The Yumbox Classic & Yumbox Panino is designed for young and growing children. The award winning, Yumbox Classic devides into five main food wells that can be filled with delicious and nutritious goodies. Whilst the Yumbox Panino offers a traditional compartment for a sandwich or salad with room for extra sides and potential contraband!

3. The Pencil Case
The Design Your Own Pencil Case by Colour Me Fun should stave off the urge to be defaced on the first day. With a customisable silicone front that allows kids to create pixel patterns to reflect and express their personality.

4. The Water Bottle
Keeping young minds hydrated is proven to increase their ability to learn, so ensuring not only their thirst for knowledge is as quenched as their actual thirst is a double challenge.

Chilly Bottles are the most technological bottle you will ever take a sip from. Chilly’s thermal technology guarantees 24 hours cold – whatever the weather. They are leak proof and do not condensate, meaning homework will stay dry while kids stays hydrated. Available in sizes 250ml to one litre.

5. The Ride
Why not let your child create their own Micro Scooter. Allow them to express themselves with the juxtaposing of bright colour combinations, making their scooter both easily identifiable and making sure their clearly visible to other pedestrians as they hurtle uncontrollably down the pavements. Don’t forget the helmet!

Right, now that’s all sorted, you can enjoy the next 47 days of summer holidays… You’re welcome.