Kiddle is a new search engine aimed specifically at kids.

Contrary to a lot of early hype, that has seen it referred to as ‘Google for kids’, it has nothing to do with, and absolutely no connection to Google. But the premise and potential is brilliant, to be honest I can’t believe there’s not already something like this out there.

Kiddle uses a custom search bar embedded within the site to filter out adult content with certain terms and even celebrities blocked. They also have site editors that hand pick and check content for some of the more popular search terms and these results are normally the top three of any search.

There’s some nice interface touches like thumbnail images next to the top search results to make it more visual and appealing to children and an angry robot for when searches are made for blocked words.

A quick browse over the reactions to Kiddle’s launch shows that not every offensive term has been blocked yet. Apparently a search for Khloe Kardashian could lead to somewhere that no-one wants to go, let alone an eight year old. Then on the flip side you’ve got some media outlets upset by some of the words that have been blocked, like ‘bisexual’ or ‘transgender’, feeling that kids could be missing out on potentially useful information about sexuality.

With such an ambitious project and one that promises so much there is always going to be a lot of scrutiny on it, and in many ways that scrutiny could help Kiddle to refine and define what is deemed suitable for kids to see and what is not. Of course it’s not always going to get it right as every parent has their own boundaries for their children, but it’s a start. Just knowing that if your kids are searching for Justin Bieber that they won’t find a picture of his butt from Instagram will ease a lot parental anxiety.