The Good, The Dad & The Ugly is a new podcast dedicated to the amazing and daunting job of being a dad in 2017. D.A.D caught up with its founders Tom Sabbadini and Seth Singh Jennings to find out more.

D.A.D: What was the inspiration behind The Good, The Dad and The Ugly [TGTD&TU]?
TS: TGTD&TU is a forum and network for fun, open and honest discussions about fatherhood in the 21st century. What being a dad means and involves has changed significantly in recent years and we feel that men don’t have the same kind of resources and networks available to them that mothers have so we thought we would do our bit to redress the balance.

We are four London-based dads in our mid-30s who want to discuss, explore and laugh about our experiences as we foray into the wonderful and terrifying world of fatherhood. The co-hosts are Seth and Jamie Tucker, producer is me, Tom and the music and soundscaping is provided by Benji Elimelech.

D.A.D: As dads yourselves, what do you find the biggest challenges and what have been your biggest surprises?
TS: There have been a few challenges! The amount of time and effort that we had to put into getting our son to sleep through the night was physically and emotionally gruelling. Coming home from a long day’s work and your son doesn’t seem happy to see you, he just wants his mummy – it’s like a dagger through the heart!

Also I had no idea breastfeeding would be so difficult for mother and child, I thought it would just happen! And leaving him at nursery for the first time was a killer; I walked out of there and burst into tears.

SSJ: I’m lucky, as I haven’t yet had to attend, and am not usually there for most of the following day, but getting jabs is always a pretty trying experience.

Other than that, I don’t know that there have been too many big challenges or surprises. For me, at this stage, the experience of becoming a dad is basically made up of lots of little changes and challenges. Overall, it amounts to quite a big shift, but individually each seems quite manageable and straightforward to adapt to – I do have a fear that there’s something I’ve missed, though, and that at some point I’m going to realise that it’s way harder than I thought.

D.A.D: What are you hoping to achieve with TGTD&TU podcasts?
SSJ: We want to meet all kinds of dads (gay dads, IVF dads, step-dads, celebrity dads etc) and discuss contrasting experiences and common ground. We want to provide a supportive network for dads around the world and encourage dads to be more in touch with their emotions and not get left out of the parenting discussion. To fight gender stereotypes that are unhelpful to both mums and dads and it’s also a great excuse to down parenting tools for an evening here and there and have a few beers whist we record the pod!

D.A.D: Who would be your ideal guest and why?
TS: There are a few up there:

Rio Ferdinand who tragically lost his wife and mother of his kids to cancer and we’d love to ask him to share how he’s coped; Yotam Ottolenghi who talks about the importance of ‘coming out’ as a gay dad; Russell Brand to find out how fatherhood has changed the ultimate womaniser; Ian Wright who has fathered many kids and seems like a positive role model and Barack Obama would be amazing to ask him what’s it like to have kids in the context of being President of the United States?

D.A.D: Can you share with us a few of your best dad stories?
TS: First time my son saw the sea was pretty epic.; that look of utter amazement!

Also when my son started speaking, one of his first words was ‘cats’ which he kept shouting at anyone and anything. Always in the plural form!

D.A.D: What’s the biggest misconception about being a dad?
SSJ: That your role is just to be the joker who gives your kids treats when mum’s not looking.

D.A.D: What are you currently working on and what are your plans for the rest of the year?
TS: We a producing a series of Daddy Cool Summer mixtapes and have great guests lined up for later in the year such as Beardyman which is really exciting. We also have two new babies about to drop any day now to grow the size of TGTD&TU family!

D.A.D: What other dad sites etc do you admire and why?
SSJ: D.A.D (obvs) as it’s the design element of it sets it apart from the rest [thanks very much, blushes D.A.D team]

Father of Daughters as the amount of thought he puts into his captions make his Instagram feed stand out. And those twins are a bit too cute!

Fatherly also has great articles.

Left: Tom and Marlo, Right: Seth and Eliza

Join Seth Singh Jennings, Jamie Tucker and a different special guest each episode as they try to navigate the unpredictable and often choppy waters of fatherhood, whilst attempting to figure out what it means to be a parent in 2017.