I’ve often wondered why there aren’t more Lego sets for girls. Ok, you’ve got the disney princess series, Lego Friends and Elves, but they all have those strange non-Lego mini figures that seem completely out of keeping with the rest of the set and seem to make a point of saying ‘this isn’t real Lego’. Even the new Super Hero Girls sets have these strange characters, what’s up with that?

Within some of the other sets there are female characters, but the sets are clearly aimed at boys and mainly about boy subjects. So it’s refreshing to see this brilliant new collection ‘Women of NASA’ with the classic mini-figures celebrating women and hopefully inspiring young girls to believe they can achieve anything, whether that’s putting people in space or building a Lego castle.

The set will include:
Margaret Hamilton, a computer scientist who worked at MIT and was under contract with NASA in the 1960s, she developed the on-board flight software for the Apollo missions to the moon and is known for popularizing the modern concept of software.

Katherine Johnson, mathematician and space scientist. A longtime NASA researcher, Johnson is best known for calculating and verifying trajectories for the Mercury and Apollo programs — including the Apollo 11 mission that first landed humans on the moon.

Mae Jemison, astronaut, physician, and entrepreneur. Trained as a medical doctor, Jemison became the first African-American woman in space in 1992. After retiring from NASA, Jemison established a company that develops new technologies and encourages students in the sciences.

Sally Ride, astronaut, physicist, and educator. A physicist by training, Ride became the first American woman in space in 1983. After retiring as a NASA astronaut, she founded an educational company focusing on encouraging children — especially girls — to pursue the sciences.

Nancy Grace Roman, astronomer. One of the first female executives at NASA, Roman is known to many as the “Mother of Hubble” for her role in planning the Hubble Space Telescope. She also developed NASA’s astronomy research program.

Margaret Hamilton

Margaret Hamilton

Katherine Johnson

Katherine Johnson


Sally Ride and Mae Jemison


Nancy Grace Roman

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